Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lowry: (Allen vs. Romney) vs. McCain

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, had a piece yesterday speculating about the upcoming battle for the Republican presidential nomination. Lowry posits that Romney and Allen will be competing for the position as the non-McCain candidate. A good analysis, with some solid points.

While I don't believe we can pin down the Presidential race to McCain vs. X at this point, I do agree that Allen and Romney are essentially competing for the same voter demographic. I am in the interesting situation of having had both George Allen and Mitt Romney as my governor (I lived for a very long while in Northern Virginia).

Romney has some very strong selling points:
-He's smart (Harvard Law, Harvard B-school)
-He's successful (BCG consultant, Bain Capital co-founder [yep], Salt Lake City Olympics]
-He's articulate

While I will be watching Mitt to see if he's the real thing, I am excited about having a candidate who does not fit the media's mold of a good-old boy not-too-bright republican.


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