Sunday, March 26, 2006

ABCNews Comes out with "2008 Presidential Invisible Primary Ratings"

ABC News has a thoroughly encompassing first analysis of the 2008 presidential election [Hat Tip: Law Students for Mitt] which you could spend hours analyzing - which is I why I skimmed the article. ABC News provides several categories (e.g. Money, Perceived Electability, Biography), and ranks the candidates for both parties in these categories. I repeat, very interesting. Please read.

Per ABC News, here is how Romney ranks in each of the categories:

Overall: #3
Money Potential: #3
Issues: #3
Biography & Spouse: #4
Iowa: #2
NH: #2
Other States: #2
Perceived Electability: #4
Hang Test (personal interaction): #3
TV Campaign: #6
Wartime Credentials: #8
Media Coverage: #4
Media Buzz: #3
Netroots: #4
Name ID: #7
Fire in the Belly (Desiring Presidency): #2
Endorsements: #3
Party Constituencies: #8
Party Support: #3
Staff/Consultants: #3

All of these rankings seem on target, with the notable exception of "TV Campaign". Was ABC News not looking at the TV when they watched Romney speak? Romney's presidential visage is unmistakable. Many have commented if he were an actor, he'd be selected to play the part of president.

Unfortunately it looks like these ABC News Polls will be articles and not a dynamic page, so I cannot put a permanent link on the sidebar. I'll keep my eyes open.


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