Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Romney Declines to Take Stance on Immigration Bill

The AP filed a report regarding Romney's take on the current immigration brouhaha. Romney stated that he does not know the specfics of the bill at hand (McCain-Kennedy), but that he believed in a few important points regarding the issue:
1) No amnesty
2) Don't boot out 11 million illegals
3) And:

Romney wants to smooth the way for more highly-skilled immigrants. “If you graduated at the top of your class at the India Institute of Technology, welcome to the fast track to become a citizen of the US of A. We need your brain power.” [MSNBC article]

Update (3/30): I noticed today my post heading is almost identical to the AP article title. I really thought the article had a more negative title, and I recall choosing my words for the title. So either the AP changed the heading, or I subconsciously penned the same title. Weird.
Update 2: Looking at the link address, the mistake was mine. I must have read the article, read a different one, and then thought I was making my own title when actually writing the APs. Not important, just wanted to clear the water


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